Friday, 17 October 2008

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Having been to the Forbidden City on a previous brief visit to Beijing, this time I went to the Temple of Heaven. The spectacular temples are set amid a 267 hectare park with walkways and shady trees. A very peaceful oasis in the bustle of Beijing At the centre of the complex is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. it is built without nails and has solid wooden columns made from a single tree supporting the ceiling. Originally it was built in 1420 but burnt down and was then rebuilt. It has ornate painting decoration both inside and out as can be seen below.

The number of pillars inside all have symbolic meaning. It is 35 cm high and 30 metres in diameter.

Also with symbolic meaning is the round shape of the Imperial Vault of Heaven temple and its square base below. All the structures of examples of Ming architecture.
This is some painted detail seen on the painted beams in green and blue that shade the walkway to the central temples from the East Gate.

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Regina said...

It's just so amazing to see something so ancient...I am so happy for you in taking all of these great side adventures! You are indeed in the midst of an amazing region!


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