Thursday, 2 October 2008

Beside the river

While the previous post looked at life on the river, which basically consisted of boats, ships and more boats, it was also very interesting to see what life was happening on the banks of the river. we passed many small villages with houses made of woven bamboo walls, and thatch on the roof. Small wooden boats would be pulled up on the bank while cattle would be tethered and chicken wandering. In one place there was a women in a lipstick pink sari digging up mud from the riverbank. What a contrast.

In some places the rice paddies came right down to the river's edge, but they were so pretty being a vivid lime green.

In one place we saw a herd of cattle being moved along the mud flats beside the river, an event that could only happen at low tide. How do you think we would go to carry an umbrella when moving cattle in Australia???

Then at Mongla, Bangladesh's second port we saw signs of industry. Ocean going ships unloading cement powder where it is stored in large concrete, cylindrical silos.

Then there were the tall chimneys of the brickworks, an icon of Bangladesh in many ways as they are EVERYWHERE.

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