Wednesday, 8 October 2008


This evening I went for my first fast food experience in Bangladesh. With a friend who is travelling to Beijing with me tomorrow (assuming I get my passport back in the morning), and her son we went to KFC after we'd been to the money changers to get US dollars.

So what was KFC like? Same logos, same uniforms, basically the same food with looong queues and lots of people. I ordered a 2 piece combo. The chicken and mashed potato were much the same but both seem to have a hot, spicy undertone to the taste. I did pass on the Pepsi though so I could sleep tonight, instead having water. All the same it was quite nice for a change. Here is part of the menu -:

Just down the road is Pizza Hut, just in case you need another fast food experience or a reminder of life in the west!

Stopped at the traffic lights on the way home, the beggars came knocking at the windows. First a young boy of whom I could only see the black hair on the top of his head. Next was a man with white goatee on his grizzled skin and sparse white hair drooping down. Not sure if all his body parts were there as often the beggars have part of an arm missing, are on crutches because their leg has been amputated below the knee or are blind. Even though I feel sympathetic, I know as I was reminded of tonight, that once you give money to one they all come swarming around. I know it is mean but . . . . . . . . I have to go out walking on those streets again and I don't like the feeling of boys following me for ages then starting to grab at my hands and arms. Mind you , if we can eat at KFC, I should probably be giving. THAT is one of the many dilemmas of life in Bangladesh.

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Regina said...

You are generous -just even thinking about the scenerio...Are there other ways to give? Local projects or NGO's to support? PLaces to volunteer?


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