Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sunderbans Highlights

The river
Except for the bus trip to Khulna and back (about 8 hours to do 320 kilometres), the Sunderbans trip was so relaxing. Once we had reached Khulna, it was then a 12 hour boat trip to the southern end of the Sunderbans, on the Bay of Bengal. We then spent 3 nights and 2 days anchored at the river mouth on the ebbing and flowing brown water, masses of mangroves on either side. When the tide got low, deer and birds such as herons and storks wander the mudflats looking for food. The occasional illegal fishing boat passes by.
Spotted deer making their escape
The boat was a 24-berth boat for 14 of us, which means there is plenty of space. There is a dining area in front of the cabins with a sheltered area in front on the bow. On top is a sun deck with seating and some shading. Down below is the crew area. There is 11 crew, including a guide and 2 trainee guides, for the 14 of us. Plus we had to pick up 2 armed park guards when we entered the national park.
Our home - the cruise boat

We certainly were well looked after. The food was fantastic with breakfast including an egg dish, toast or pancakes plus bananas and even local Sunderban honey. We had hot meals for both lunch and dinner plus desert, which was usually fruit but also included curd and creme caramel. Snacks were also provided both in the morning and afternoon, while on returning from a walking trip the staff were waiting with a tray of cold drinks - coconut milk on one day and lemon with sugar around the top of the glass on another.
Our final lunch

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