Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Going on holidays

At the end of this week I am off on holidays for almost 2 months, a chance to get out of Bangladesh for a while. I'm heading back to Morocco and also hopefully southern Spain, so if you want an update go to my Morocco blog: Moroccan Meanderings at http://moroccanmeanderings.blogspot.com/ .

Will I miss Bangladesh?
Getting stuck in traffic - no
Being continually stared at - no
Not being able to have a wine with my restaurant meal - no
The electricity cuts - no
The heat and humidity - humidity no, but I'll be heating to hotter or as hot of a place
Work - no it is nice to have a break
My apartment - maybe

Anyway, I'll be back in August, hopefully totally refreshed and ready for another working year!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dhaka at night

Even though I have seen some spectacular sunsets, this evening would I looked out a combination of storm clouds and late evening light made quite a spectacular sight. So I tried a couple of photographs of the view from my apartment, one from the side balcony and one from the main balcony that looks over the lake.

Stormy evenings

There have been a few really spectacular storms recently with lots of lightening and thunder plus driving rain. At least I have my back door fixed so it no longer blows open or lets the rain in underneath. Anyway here are a couple of photos of the lightening I took a few weeks ago. Certainly not great, but considering I didn't use a tripod or a shutter release, I suppose I shouldn't complain!! It really is difficult to take photos though but at least digital does make it easier.


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