Friday, 31 October 2008

Aussie BBQ

Last night I went to the Australia Club for their monthly BBQ. It is one place where you can get decent wines, Australian wines. So a friend and I ordered a bottle of red, Cabernet Sauvignon, to share.

On a close inspection I found it was from Stonehaven winery in Padthaway, south east South Australia. Here is a map to show you where:

It was a tasty drop to sip while passing the time until the BBQ was ready. It was later than normal because there was so many people there. They stopped selling BBQ tickets once they got to 200! It was worth the wait thought - pork sausages, steak & onions, vegetarian lasagna scalloped potatoes and more . . . . .

What may have attracted the crowd was that there was also a fashion show plus a display of "rickshaw art". The latter is the type of painting normally seen on the back of rickshaws, is instead done on boards to hang on the wall and also on rectangular boxes. It is full of bright colours and often includes birds or animals or people that are half human, half animal or ocean pictures. I wasn't remotely tempted though.

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