Friday, 17 October 2008

Back in Bangladesh. Been to Beijing.

Got back last night from Beijing after a 21 hour travel day a 6 hour flight to Singapore, then a 6 hour wait before the 4 hour flight back to Dhaka. It was like going from one world to another, even though both cities are in Asia.
In Beijing, excellent roads, freeways and streets with footpaths, whilst in Dhaka footpaths are rare and many streets are full of potholes and edged in dirt.
In Beijing, new buildings sprout like mushrooms being built fast and efficiently with things such as cranes while here they go slowly, very slowly with all work being done by hand. Bamboo is the scaffolding are ladders are made from scrap wood.
In Beijing are shops, lots of shops where you can get almost anything. There has even been a recent increase in English bookshops. Here limited English books are available. I actually ended up going shopping at Singapore airport for books.
Many people in Beijing also live in apartment blocks. My friend lives on the 12th floor of a 32 floor building. Here they only get to 5. The view from her apartment.
And food, the Chinese food was great be it noodles or Peking duck. I will do later posts on some of the tourist things I got to go.

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