Friday, 31 October 2008

A slow trip home again . . . . .

Well yesterday was a slow trip home from school again - it actually hasn't really happened since Ramadan finished but the last two weeks since the local schools went back, there has been traffic problems galore. It took 30 minutes to cover the one kilometre of so from school out to the main road, so I got out my camera (my old camera) and took a few photographs along the way. Here they are:

This is a reflection of the construction of a building seen in the walls of a huge new shopping centre that is being build there. Not sure what that will do to the traffic problems!!

These trees decorates with swathes of fabric have been like this a while and I have been meaning to take a photo of it. That and the yellow "squares" in between are advertising for the opening of a new shop nearby.

This is a man and his daughter in a rickshaw. Look for the phone - I didn't know about that until I had downloaded the photo and looked at an enlarged version.

These are typical of the shops along the road, but it actually hasn't rained for about 3 days and yet the water still lies!

There are many fruit stalls that line one side of the road as it approaches the intersection. I often think that it would be nice to jump out and buy some. It is also a place to see lots of the women out and about in their vividly coloured saris.

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