Sunday, 17 August 2008

More shopping

Groceries and supermarket shopping is a bit boring, so here are a few of my other purchases. Not that there is many. I bought a bunch of orchids to decorate my dining table, but with no vase I had to use a glass.

Last weekend when some of us new teachers went to Newmarket, I bought some cotton fabric that is meant to be used for a Salwar Kameez, one piece for the loose pants, a contrasting piece for the long tunic top and a small piece for a scarf. I'm not sure that I will use them for that as I have already used the scarf to cover the base of my shelves in the lounge room. I also bought a book from which to learn Bangla, well hopefully . . . . . maybe??? Newmarket is a huge 3 storey complex near the middle of town. it took us about 1 hour to get there on a Friday, which is the quiet day! There are lots of small shops, many of which sell mens clothes - the left overs from the textile manufacturers who make them for the big brand name stores throughout the world. Then there was crockery resulting from a similar situation, lost of plastic and kitchen ware, stationary, books - many of which were in English, lots of fabrics, artificial flowers and lots more. I certainly didn't get to see it all in the 2 hours I was there. But 2 hours was enough in the heat and humidity. I don't think I will rush back there though. (And I got the coasters , one of which is under the flowers, as I needed some desperately.)

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