Saturday, 23 August 2008

Australia shop

Last week a couple of other teachers took me to the Australia shop when they had the van one evening. It would probably take about 20 minutes to walk there but almost takes as long in the van in the evening as the traffic is so bad. It is a very small shop that obviously has Australian-produced goods, some of which can't be bought elsewhere. This includes ginger-nut biscuits, Fab washing powder, dried fruit mix and some fruit juices. They, like all the other shops here do not use plastic bags but instead thin fabric bags made from I'm not sure what. Here it is:Afterwards we met up with a couple of other teachers at the American Club, as they were members and could sign us in. Apparently it is the "flashest" of the expat clubs here. A couple of tennis courts with lights, a gym, a swimming pool, a large grass area and a 3 storey restaurant/bar. Lots of trees - a real oasis in the mayhem and madness of Dhaka. The tooting horns, the continual stream of rickshaws, the sudden braking while in traffic and the noise. I had stir fry special plus lemon chiffon pie plus a lime and soda and it cost me US$5.90. You don't pay cash though, instead have to buy chits/tickets, which of course you don't spend totally. So that means you have to come back again.

PS - On the Australia theme, I do get to watch the AFL football here. Last night I watched the bulldogs beat the bombers, while last Friday I did get to watch Collingwood. Although I missed one quarter as the electricity had its regular outage. Rarely does a day go by when the electricity is not off for one or two one hour sessions!

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