Monday, 25 August 2008

Around my apartment

I haven't taken any photos inside my apartment yet. That is for later in the week after I pick up a few things I am getting framed. Meanwhile here is the exterior and surroundings to give some perspective.

First, here is the outside of the apartment block, if you can manage to see anything behind the mass of wiring (that is the norm here).
This is the street outside the apartment block on a Friday, by far the quietest day here. The scratches on the side of the bus are typical and not surprising as the traffic is crazy. I sometimes wonder as we drive home from school, how the drivers manage to get us home without running into anyone or anything! Then there are the rickshaws - they are everywhere.

This is the view across the lake from the rooftop of the apartment block. The warm, humid climate means trees grow well if they have the space. Apartment blocks are everywhere including many still under construction.

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