Friday, 22 August 2008

Dhaka shopping mall

Today I have been with a group of teachers to Dhaka's one real shopping mall - Bashindara Shopping Centre Mall. We went because there was a tourism expo on there, so I managed to collect lots of brochures about different trips that different companies do both within Bangladesh, and from Bangladesh to places such as Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. I didn't know there was a lot of beautiful archeological sites in Bangladesh: old palaces, forts, temples and ruins. I did not about the mangrove area of the Sundarbans and the beach at Cox's Bazar. What else I noticed is that you can do trips to Bhutan for 26800 taka ot about $400 for 6 nights/7 days. Something to think about. . . . . . . Here is a photo of the entrance to the tourism expo.As for the shopping centre. It was 7 floors around a circular atrium with lots of glass. Apparently built and owned by the same guy that did the school and the Apollo hospital. On the top floor is a food court with lots of shops with strange names. I knew I should have written some of them down. But apparently Jingle Bell that was next to Taco Bell has closed down. Here is the food court. (And the whole shopping centre was air-conditioned!)

The other 6 floors consisted of lots of shops that tended to be grouped together. The bottom 2 floors were electronics including phones and electrical equipment. The 5th floor had spectacle shops and pirated DVD and music CD shops (the DVDs were 70 taka each, about $1). The third and fourth floors had lots of sari shops and salwar kameez shops - not womens clothes chops as wee no them plus lots of children's clothes shops. They also many shops that sold fabrics with a few scattered tailors. The men's clothes shops were located on the lower levels. Here you can see the different levels.

This is the skylight above the central atrium.
Here is a view of Dhaka from a 6th floor balcony.

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