Saturday, 16 August 2008

Bangladesh prices

I thought I'd list the prices of a few things to give you an idea of the cost of living. The Bangladesh currency is the Taka, A$1 = 60 Taka or 1 Moroccan dirham = 9 Taka.
A small bottle of diet Pepsi (500 ml) 25 Tk
A small can coke/diet coke 80 Tk (can't get Diet Coke in bottles of any size)
1 litre long life orange juice 130 Tk
1 litre long life milk 170 Tk
Tim Tams (from New Zealand) 80 Tk
Cadbury's chocolate bar 50 Tk
1 capsicum 200 Tk
4 onions 24 Tk
3 mangoes 115 Tk
1 pineapple 25 Tk (these are the prices from the supermarket but fruit and vegetables are cheaper at the market)
Bottle of Thai sweet chilli sauce 165 Tk (I can get it here!!)
3 kg laundry powder 450 Tk
large bottle V05 shampoo 230 Tk
Sunsilk hair conditioner 150 Tk
large can whole peeled tomatoes 190 Tk
medium box tissues 38 Tk
flour 1 kg 45 Tk

So from this you can probably tell I have pretty well stocked up on food. I have even managed to cook twice and make spaghetti bolognaise and stir-fried chicked, vegetable and noodles. I also walked (about 25 mins each way) to the German Butcher, which is really a shop in a house but it is the only place to buy meat here. Both the chicken and the minced beef I have got there have been fine. They also make their own yoghurt there and sell it in plastic containers, which you then take back to be reused. You can also get cheeses there, sausages, salami, bacon, ham, pork and decent brown bread. I will try it for lunch shortly. For an idea of prices, the yoghurt is 50 Tk per container which does me for about 3 meals, mince beef is 220 Tk per 500 grams, casserole beef is 450 Tk per kg and salami is 100 Tk per 100 gram.

I hope you weren't hungary before you started reading this because you probably are now.

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