Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tripping around Dhaka today

Sharing a van with another teacher today, I got to drive around Dhaka today and went to four places that I hadn't been to before.
1. National Museum
With an entry fee of only 5 taka (10c) it was a bargain but I had to hand in my camera before entry. Inside one gallery led to another, each with a theme displaying relevant artifacts and examples. Some had brief labels in English but certainly more details would have been helpful. There was pottery, boats, rocks, birdlife, animals, weapons, pottery . . . . . The place really needs a facelift as many of the displays were dusty and looking very worn. It was worth a visit though but I don't think I will be going back again.

2. Drik Gallery
A gallery in Dhamondi that regularly holds photographic exhibitions. Today there was one with a series of mostly colour photographs of 'Kash-phool'. 'Kash-phool' or 'Kans grass' is native to South Asia and the plant that is used to make the traditional straw brooms. Although there were a few good photographs, I though most of them were fairly ordinary - not good composition wise and too many distracting features or lines in them. Many had sold for around 10 000 Taka, about $150. At least I now know where it is so have no exceuse for not visiting it another time. here is a link to an article about the exhibition: .
Here are two of the photos:

3. Nandos for lunch.
Just like in Australia it features chicken with periperi but as a bonus even had a good bathroom. I had a nice meal of chicken strips with spicy rice plus a nice drink.

4. Sally Anns
This is the Bangladeshi version of the Salvation Army shop. It has lots of handicrafts produced by the less fortunate here and even the girl using the computerised cash register had deformed arms, sort of thalidomide-like arms. Lots of Christmas decorations for sale plus bags, table clothes, baskets but best of all was waffles with fresh cream. Yum.

Now back to reality and work tomorrow.

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