Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hong Kong - Sightseeing

After the workshop finished and before my flight back to Dhaka, I had a good half a day to get out and about and do some sightseeing other than shopping streets and centres.

First stop was the bird market as it was close to the hotel. The bird market was a combination of stalls selling birds, food for birds including insects and bird cages with generally older men bringing their birds in their cages, hanging them in trees and letting the birds sing away. Was there a bird singing competition while the men chatted? I have no idea.

Close to that was the flower market. It was really one lang narrow block where on one side there was lots of plant shops with lots of beautiful plants. Oh, how I wish I could have stuck some of the orchids in my suitcase!! Plus many had pots, vases, seeds and fertiliser. Then on the other side were the cut flower shops, busy unwrapping the bunches when I was there as it was relatively early in the morning.
Then I got the Metro across to Hong Kong Island, as I was staying on Kowloon. After a short walk I caught the tram up to the top of Victoria Peak, or just The Peak, from where there were stunning views across the skyscrapers and harbour. The smog did spoil it a little though. It is a real tourist trap though with high prices for food and souvenirs plus it costs extra to go to the sky terrace! Instead a short walk outside takes you to places that give just as good of view. It cost HK$33 for the return tram trip, 6-7 Australian dollars. Here are some of the views of the tall, tall buildings.

Finally, after another walk I caught the Star Ferry back across the harbour. It was a short trip but very peaceful and relaxing. Nice views of both Honk Kong Island and Kowloon from the ferry.

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