Saturday, 10 October 2009

Stepping into another world: Preah Khan

As far as the temple experience went while in Angkor, Preah Khan was the best. It was my last day around the temples and after going to sunrise at Angkor Wat (a dismal failure) I went straight to Preah Khan, arriving about 7 am. The amazing part was that I spent 30 or more minutes wandering around the ruins: under arches, along dead-end corridors, looking through windows and endless doorways and being amazed at some of the spectacular carvings; all alone. There was not another person in the complex, not even the workers had arrived at that stage.

The ruins were splattered with blotches of white, light green and pink courtesy of the lichen growing on them while is dark corners there was patches of bright green - moss this time. Even other tourists arrived as I started to head back out. It was breakfast time!

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