Friday, 16 October 2009

Hong Kong . . . belatedly

Even thought I have been back from Hong Kong for 10 days, it has taken me this long to get Cambodia finished on my blog and to have the time to do a couple of entries about Hong Kong.

First thing, I do not like the Dragon Air flight - leaving at 3 am and arriving at 7.30 am. Little sleep, if any so that is not a good start. Fortunately, when I arrived at the hotel - the very flash Royal Plaza, they had a room free so I managed to get a couple of hours sleep.

Then went shopping. Managed to get myself to lots of them as I sought out book shops, Marks & Spencers and even found a Spotlight store. It was easy to get around though on the Metro, especially since the hotel was directly above a station. My best shopping effort was getting half a dozen novels on my "must read" list. This included Kabul Beaty School, Love Marriage, Breath and The Angel's Game. Below is the ornate decorations of one shopping centre.

In addition to the shopping centres, I managed to find the nearby electronics street that is full of shops selling digital cameras, laptops, phones and everything else electronic. Lucky in some ways that I only had a limited budget. Parallel to electronic street was the Ladies Market with its clothes, jewelry, leather, bag and bits and pieces stalls. My big spend up there was a "rolly" suitcase.
Of course, as soon as it is dark, the streets light up with a myriad of neon signs as shown below.

Even though the Metro was my main form of transport (we actually got free bus transport to the workshop), the presence of double decker buses didn't really come as a surprise but the presence of a double decker tram like the one below did.

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