Sunday, 4 October 2009

Oops . . .. an update

As I was so kindly reminded today in an email, I haven't added anything to my blog recently. The reasons:
1. at present at a workshop in Hong Kong for work - hopefully if I take some photos tonight and tomorrow then I will add them to my blog
2. Ten days ago I got back from a week in Cambodia - Siem Reap actually where I got to see lots of the temples of Angkor and took lots of photos, of course. When I was there I had trouble with internet access on my laptop, hence couldn't add any entries while I was there
3. Then in between, I arrived back from Cambodia late Saturday, had work on Sunday then Monday was a holiday but spent most of my time doing an online course that I was behind , then school Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving late Wednesday night to fly to Hong Kong (actually early Thursday morning).

So fingers crossed I will manage some entries soon!!

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