Friday, 23 October 2009

Golf in Dhaka

This morning was another great Dhaka adventure when I went and played 9 holes of golf with some of my work colleagues. My first serious hit after 6 years I think. At least I didn't make a complete fool of myself and managed to hit some good shots. But it certainly is different -:
- you have a caddy to carry your clubs (and tell you what to do) plus hand you your clubs
- then theoretically you have a ball marker each, who watches where you ball goes and shows you, plus if it goes off into the trees they put it back onto the edge of the fairway
- so there is you plus you 2 accomplices which turns a group of 4 players into 12. But due to it being a super busy morning there was a shortage of caddies and some ball markers got promoted.
- the only woman there were myself and my 2 colleagues I played with. Somehow I cannot picture Bangladeshi woman (in their sari or salwar kameez) playing golf, but at least they have womens tees!
- played at the army course, a 9 hole course close to the airport so had the taking off planes directly overhead plus the rail line and road meant trains and cars also provided plenty of noise.
- one hole had a couple of lots of water you had to hit across but I managed to lose only one ball
- there was also quite a few bunkers but I don't think I'd describe the sand in them as light and fluffy
- you line your balls up behind the marker on the first tee when you arrive and that is your hit off order
- it wasn't expensive - 580 taka for 9 holes (A$8) plus 200 Taka for the caddy and a little for the ball marker. You could also hire clubs but I had my own so didn't need to.
- the highlight was holing a long put on the last green for a 4 on a par 3 . . .. .

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