Thursday, 8 January 2009

Old Dhaka: Shankharia Bazar

As today was a holiday and I didn't have to work, a colleague who had the use of a school van and I went and visited Old Dhaka. First stop was the Pink Palace but unfortunately it was closed - it is closed Thursday and half of Friday (opening at 3 pm) so maybe next time.

Next stop was Shankharia Bazar, commonly called Hindu Street that I had visited before. However this time it was decorated for something, but I am not sure what. You can see this in the first photo.

Even though it was a holiday, not much was closed on this street. The fruit and vegetable sellers were out on the street with their basket containing eggplant, tomatoes and some green vegetable or the flower sellers were out with roses or orange marigolds
or most interesting to me was a man with a basket of pumpkin flowers, tied into small bunches, that he was selling. Not sure what for, whether it was to eat or whether it was for some traditional Hindu ceremony. Something for me to find out!

Shankharias are Hindu artisans. Here you can see them making the conch shell bracelets, drums, carving gravestones and making kites.

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