Monday, 19 January 2009

Habitat for Humanity

Yesterday I went with a group of students on an excursion to participate in a Habitat for Humanity community service project. Habitat for Humanity build help to built houses for families in needy villages throughout the world. The trouble was that we spent longer getting there (2 hours) and coming back (90 minutes) than at the village. But it was interesting anyway. The students found the physical labour difficult to cope with. I only did a little - showed them how to use the stiff hand pump for water and broke up some bricks into stones as there is no natural rocks and gravel here in Bangladesh. On the other side, the villagers were very friendly and the kids quite inquisitive.

They really enjoyed me taking photos of them then looking at them on the camera screen. It was also an opportunity to see some local life.

Plus the baby goats were cute.

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