Sunday, 11 January 2009

The NEW bridge

Over the last few months I have been watching the progress on a new bridge and connecting road from by balcony that also looks across the lake. When I got back from the Winter break, the bridge is finally open, although the road at the back of my apartment is yet to open.

So yesterday I went for a walk across the bridge and just happened to run into a group of people marching across the bridge carry bunches of flowers! The reason, maybe something to do with Ashura, the Muslim holiday that was happening over the weekend. As well as me taking photos of the bridge, the locals were taking photos of me with their phones!

It is quite an attractive bridge with very well set up roads leading to and from it on the Gulshan side. But the other good news is that is provides a short cut to Road 11 in Banani, which is home to lots of restaurants. I went to Dhaba, a Bangladeshi one, over the weekend.

This is looking through the bridge towards the back of my apartment block.

The well tended lawns and gardens at the foot of the bridge, which provided ideal grazing for a goat.

This photo I really like - you can guess!

1 comment:

Donny said...

Glad to see pictures of this bridge. I left before it was constructed and wondered what the final product would be. It is very nice, and hope it was designed well that it relieved some congestion from the other lake crossings.


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