Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Slack again!!

Again I have struggled to update my blog. I suppose that means I haven't been doing anything exciting. In between work, just the weekly game of golf to give some respite from the crowds and staring of Dhaka. A little bit of shopping, a few meals out, Sunday evening spent at a school function and doubts about whether I would even stay here next year.
A long weekend this weekend so I am heading out of Dhaka for a day with a few friends and I will take my camera so hopefully will post some photos. back to Dhamrai, the brass village, with stops along the way at the Savar Golf Course to see how you go about playing there and also the Independence monument at Savar. Then a stop for pizza on the way back at Little Italy, the close relative of Bella Italia. Both restaurants have the same owner I believe. It is always nice to get out of the crowds of people and the polluting traffic jams although I expect travel will still be quite slow. Should also be nice and green with the rice growing since we are coming to the end of the dry season. Also having a dinner party, Moroccan style. I have to cook a tagine or two plus a few other bits and pieces. Should be good though and I'd better take a few photos as I get a bit slack at times.
So hopefully will manage a post after the weekend.

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