Sunday, 21 February 2010

Little Italy

Yesterday, I and a group of friends, went a day trip outside of Dhaka. It is always nice to have a change of scenery. I will post more about this trip and some photos soon. However on the way back we stopped at Little Italy, an Italian restaurant owned by the same people as Bella Italia here in Gulshan. Strangely though, the restaurant is located beside the road, rather than in the centre of a town.

Little Italy always makes on ideal stop on the way back from Dhamrai as it breaks the journey and has yummy pizzas. Below is my vegetarian pizza, the same as pizza Bella Italia. It has eggplant, spinach and mushrooms on. So that along with a diet pepsi and some chips was my lunch.

The other interesting sight is that opposite the restaurant there was a birckworks spouting lots of black smoke skywards. It was one of many that we passed while driving and all of them were contributing significantly to the air pollution we suffer with daily here in Dhaka.
Why are there so many brickworks? Due to the lack of rock and stone in Bangladesh (it is built on sand as a river delta), bricks are then broken up again to form stone for various jobs!!

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