Sunday, 21 September 2008

Shake, Shake . . .

Yesterday evening the floor started to shake and the curtains started to move even though there was no breeze. Living on the 5th floor made it even more obvious. It was an earth tremor, followed 1 minute later by another. Luck it wasn't too strong, no glasses fell from shelves or books from bookshelves. It was more like a HUGE truck thundering by. Even the very loud planes that frequently fly overhead, as I live quite close to the airport, do not have such an effect.

From the Daily Star, an English-language newspaper here in Dhaka:

A minor earthquake shook the capital and parts of the country yesterday evening causing panic among the people.
The Meteorological department said the tremor measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale struck at 5:16pm. Its epicentre was 76 kilometres off the eastern side of the capital, somewhere near Brahmanbaria area.
It lasted for about 23.12 seconds.
Minor tremors jolted the city twice just before iftar. However, there were no reports of damage or injuries.
A correspondent from Madaripur reported that the quake's aftershocks were felt three times within five minutes across the district. The tremors caused waves in rivers, canals and ponds of the district.
Panicking residents of the area rushed outside to the open field when the tremor struck, the correspondent added.
A correspondent from Chandpur reported that the earthquake was felt twice in the area.
Earlier a moderate earthquake shook the capital and parts of the country in the early hours of July 27 causing panic among the people. At least 20 people were hurt in the panic and confusion as people rushed for safety following the tremor.

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