Friday, 5 September 2008

Dhamrai 2 - The People

Before I went to Dhamrai, people told me it was a god place to get photos of people. They were right as most people didn't mind having their photo taken. Usually I showed them the photo on the back of the digital camera, which often caused great amusement. Mind they found us just as interesting. I sat outside the brass shop for a while and some people stopped their walking along the street to just stare at me. Some a couple of minutes, or even ten minutes. The driver from the US Embassy that was there with some other people told me that they had never seen "white people" before, that is why they were staring. had to beieve isn't it.
Anyway, here's some photos:
This one is of the local transport - a rickshaw and a bicycle cart.
Local kids having fun.
More local transport, this time transporting bamboo.
Here are two boys flying kites.

A shy boy (but don't you love the hat!)

Women walking round and round the rice to spread it thoroughly before drying. Then it is piled into piled rows and covered. What colour!
Here are the men getting laden with the rice pile covering.

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