Friday, 5 September 2008

Dhamrai 3 - The village and its architecture

Dhamrai is a small village, with much water surrounding it as it is close to a river. It was a place to watch people going about their everyday lives. Small shops were open selling pieces of brightly coloured fabric all in neat piles. Vendors sat on the ground surrounded by flatish baskets containing piles of fruit and vegetables - papaya, banana, pomegranate, guava, tomatoes, cumcumbers, eggplant and many other green vegetables that I do not know. People were walking along the street, mostly in groups; others travelled in rickshaws while there was just a few cars tooting theor horns incessantly to fight their way through the narrow streets and the other traffic. While some carried goods/shopping in their hands, most carried it on their heads.

Here are some people piling the drying rice up before it is covered. The women looked beautiful in their brightly coloured saris.
Just near the brass workshop we saw a group of monkeys playing. In fact, I think they were scampering through the trees trying to get a better look at us, as we were of them!

A side alley running from the main street. I loved the contrasting colour and the wonderful metal columns on the verandah.

This show the high water level and on the left is a family house. A wooden boat, typical of those used by many is shown in the foreground.

The architecture of some of the buildings was stunning. Apparently they date back to the time of the Raj. Not sure when that was though. Some could do with a fresh coat of paint.

How could I have photographs with one of a door? Mind you, I did not expect to be photographing doors in Bangladesh!

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