Saturday, 8 November 2008

Old Heritage walk buildings

The focus of the heritage walk was to view some of the old buildings in the area, that were once beautiful but are now in various states of disrepair. Unfortunately there is not the money or the inclination to restore these buildings to their former glory.
We started at Pogose School build in 1848, and still used as a school today. It was partially renovated a few years ago but the money ran out. There is a lovely wooden banister on the staircase in the centre of the building below. We got let in by a caretaker who has been there for 43 years. Outside were lots of the local lads playing cricket as the grounds are one of the few spacious areas around Hindu Street. Here is the school.

Some detail of the school building.

There are many houses bordering Hindu Street, whose upstairs often have a colonial facade in front of a Moghul facade. Inside the rooms are tiny, the passages dark and the stairways narrow as we see when we go inside a few of them. He is some aging detail above a doorway.

Most of the houses have a central courtyard, either the entire height of the building or just the upper floors. Here is a girl in one of the courtyards.

This is a courtyard in another house.

An upstairs house facade that is typical of many in the area.

The Pink Fort, a little bit of a contrast to the houses we looked at!!!! It is today a museum.

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