Saturday, 15 November 2008


Last night I went to see the school production of Grease and it was good, really good. Might you it ought to have been the number of classes many of the participants have missed. The girl who played Sandy had a lovely voice but I couldn't help laughing when she said she was from Sydney, Australia - long black hair, dark brown skin and brown eyes are not your typical Australian colouring. Not sure why they didn't change it to Dhaka, Bangladesh as I'm sure that would have got a laugh. The singing was great, dancing OK at times and the couple of teachers that were in it were hilarious!
Mind you they had to hold the show for us - a bus load of teachers from the school, as we ended up taking longer than planned to get there. Met at the American Club where it takes forever to pay your bills, then stopped to pick one of the students up, waited 5 minutes and still nobody appeared then got caught in traffic. Of course being Bangladesh there was problems, technical problems. This time it was no sound. Apparently one hour before the start there was no sound what so ever then during interval the sound went again so the second half was delayed.
A pleasant evening but expensive by Bangladeshi standards at 500 Taka for a ticket. It was also something different to do and see on a quiet Friday.

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