Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hillside Resort in the Bandarban

More than a week ago, a group of us went on a long weekend trip to the Bandarban. This is a forested, hilly region of Bangladesh on the Burma border. It was so good to get into the fresh air, amongst the greenery and away from the crowds of staring people.
Here's some pictures of the resort we stayed at: Hillside Resort
Breakfast with a view

Our "home" for the weekend

What a view! This is from the verandah outside the restaurant at the Hillside Resort.


Ershad Ahmed said...

Amazing pictures!

Sajeed Ahmed said...

Peautiful Pictures! Hope you enjoyed your trip and got to experience most of Bangladesh!

Pierrot Kinet said...

I know this nice place ,I've been a few times.Peacefull after visiting shipyardbreaking in Chittagong.You must also try Ragamatiside.


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