Friday, 6 November 2009

A good day

Even though the Aussie Club is presently closed so I couldn't go there last night, I have had a good day today.
1. Off to golf at 8 am but had trouble seeing the drives as there was thick smog/fog, so bad that the lanes taking off overhead were not visible. Managed 18 holes for the second time today and managed to play better mostly. Off course, it was helped by the fact that we played at the course with the smaller amount of water. But still managed to loose 3 balls. Ended up sunny and was a pleasant stroll especially since a caddy carries the clubs and the ball markers tend to shift the balls out of the rough!!!
2. Straight afterwards, well once the van got back to the gold club after dodging the traffic jams caused by the prime minister flying out from the airport to Bhuatan, it was off to the American club for a couple of drinks and lunch. Sat in the outdoor area near the swimming pool and tennis courts, which was very comfortable. Plus the carrot cake was yummy.
3. On the way home stopped off at the H & M sale. For those that don't know H & M is a European clothing shop chain and many of their products are made in Bangladesh. So twice a year the factory that makes them has a sale of the "left overs". Everything is only 150 Taka or $2 each. Thank goodness I hadn't bothered to go home and have a show and was still hot and sweaty after golf, as it was like a mini sauna inside with masses of people swarming around the tables piled high with clothes. Even paying was a saga so I sort of jumped the line to speed up the process as the line seemed to be going nowhere. I got a couple of things but the stuff was dominated by black, especially black t-shirts.

So now back home relaxing after a cleansing shower. But have quite a few jobs I need to get done tomorrow.

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tanianomaan said...


Can you please tell my where is the location where the H&M sales take place? I LOVE H&M, and thinking may be next time when I go to Dhaka would definitely love to catch one of those sales! Thanks a lot!!


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