Saturday, 22 August 2009

Back in Dhaka

Well I have been back in Dhaka for a week now, and back at work for a week now but no students until tomorrow. I have just done my last couple of entries on my Morocco blog at so for a summary of my holiday check it out.

Back in Dhaka though it is surprisingly cool and is actually easy to sleep at night or maybe it was all the hot weather I had over the break. Plus it isn't raining that much although there was a very good lightning show the other night.

But some things haven't changed - the traffic is crazier than ever, electricity is still going off but has only been off a few times although once was for two and a half hours in the evening, still having trouble getting drinking water delivered and the streets still are full of pot holes that create havoc when it rains.

On the other hand, Australian Network has disappeared off my TV, the building behind my apartment is getting taller and starting to block my view, there are lots of new people to work with and I have to teach two new subjects that I have never taught before. Guess what I am doing today!!!

Yesterday I took a couple of the new teachers first to Aarong, which has lots of handicraft things but is good for cushion covers, table clothes, place mats, cane bowls, pottery etc, then on to Newmarket where there are lots of shops selling all sorts of things. It is particularly good for kitchen stuff - glass, plastic, cake times, saucepans, electrical; also has clothes, fabric, sewing things (I wanted some elastic), books, stationary, pin boards, art easels, suitcases and so on. It was a productive trip with lots of stuff being bought among the six of us although I think I got the least. Then had lunch at Bella Italia, which has moved to the other side of Gushan I Circle. As usual I had Pizza Bella Italia and brought half home for dinner. After dropping people off, two of us stopped off at a plant place. Me I just got two for 500 Taka - one for indoors and a colourful flowering one to put on my balcony and add some colour to those I already have there. Last stop was at a bamboo/can furniture shop as my friend wanted a cane lounge. She got one too - 7000 Taka plus an extra 2000 for the cushions. Nice stuff. Maybe it I stay I will get one, but that is anohter story.

Now to work!

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