Thursday, 21 May 2009

Traffic Jams . . . . . . .

Thank goodness today was the last day of the late start trial!!!! Instead of taking 20 minutes to get to work, this morning hit the jackpot - a mere 70 minutes, that's right SEVENTY minutes. Is it any wonder I am counting down the days until I get a break from Dhaka.

The reason - traffic jams. This morning we spent more than 30 minutes to travel about 2 kilometres, most of the time stationary with the occasional slow motion advance. Here are some pictures to give you some idea. Taking photos helps pass the time.

This is the turn into the road to the school - just this one narrow road into a rapidly developing residential area with a number of schools and a large hospital. Sensible?????

And it is not just the vehicles but also masses of pedestrian traffic who just cross whenever and wherever!

This was a queue we waited and waited in!!


Bidesh to Bdesh said...

And to think we complain about the traffic here... that's nothing compared to a mile and a half in thirty minutes.

Bidesh to Bdesh said...

Oops! My comment went through before I could you ask a question.

How bad is rush hour traffic usually? I am moving to Dhaka in about a week's time, and initially, I'd be staying like a mile or so away from the business district, since that's where I'll be working. Do you have any idea if the mile-long commute is gonna be similar to your recent experience (70 minutes)?

heatherf said...

It all depends on what time you travel and how you travel? Will be interested to see how long it takes you but I am sure it will not be quick unless you leave by 6.30 am.

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