Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Heading off for the weekend.

Just noticed that my last post was quite a while ago, so thought I'd better make the effort, and a real effort it is. Thank goodness we have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow. It is just a shame it is the weekend before the holidays but still I am off sightseeing. A group of us are heading to the hills: the land of tea plantations, green rice fields and hopefully cooler weather. Mind you, getting there should be an adventure in itself as I will be taking my first Bangladesh train trip. No a/c available for the trip there and here people ride on top of the train, lots of people. Obviously there is no tunnels on these tracks. Then again, there is no mountains requiring tunnels to go through them.

We get taken around the area and shown the sights by a guide for just over two days. So hopefully I should get some good photos, especially now I have my new camera. Hopefully will get some posted next week before I head back to Australia for the holidays.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... weren't kidding!! The train ride WAS an adventure in itself! Marlene


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