Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dramas in Dhaka

Today has been an eventful day in Dhaka. Not only did we have the athletic sports on at school on probably what has been the hottest day for months, but shooting broke out in central Dhaka. Apparently the border security guards, unhappy with their pay and conditions and the treatment in regards to getting them improved somehow lead to a "fire fight" in their barracks. Then the whole area was surrounded by soldiers with some roads being closed.

Our parents who are readily panicked, maybe with reason as many have close connections to the government and political parties, started coming to collect their children. With two thirds of the students gone by the end of lunch, the day was shortened at school finished at 2.30. However, I must say that our students are overly protected - they never walk anywhere as they have drivers, they never clean up after themselves as they have maids, they struggle to think for themselves as many have tutors (a teacher's worst nightmare), hence the parents always think the worst.

What is happening now? The streets of Gulshan are super quiet. Road 35 that I can see from my kitchen window is usually aglow with headlights as cars bank up tooting their horns. Instead tonight there is rarely a car to be seen!! The latest on the mutiny is that some members of the rifles brigade have met with the Prime Minister, who has granted them an amenesty but otherwise negotiations are continuing. Hopefully the situation has been defused. Looks like work tomorrow.

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